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This will be the permanent home of the Air Dock wireless charger, thanks to a remarkable outpouring of support from the Indiegogo community, as well as family and friends.

Thanks to everyone who made this wireless charger dream a reality; we couldn’t have done it without your help.

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Air Dock in the car? There's a mount for that

The Air Dock wireless charger has a few different mounts that function with its unique design: The standard mount, the long flexible mount, and the CD mount.  The CD mount... Read more +

The Air Dock Difference

A wireless charger is a wireless charger, right? Wrong. Here’s a little explanation of how the Air Dock differs from the rest.  Most wireless chargers are simply mats, which makes... Read more +

What is the Air Dock?

We live in a wireless world. From wireless phones to wireless headphones to wireless charging docks, everything is wireless. The Air Dock is the latest wireless charging dock — able... Read more +

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