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The Air Dock makes wireless charging easier than ever. It uses micro suction foam to hold the phone in place without the use of clamps or clips. The mounts are small, convenient, and perfect for charging phones in cars, offices, or on vacation. 


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Air Dock in the car? There's a mount for that

The Air Dock wireless charger has a few different mounts that function with its unique design: The standard mount, the long flexible mount, and the CD mount.  The CD mount... Read more +

The Air Dock Difference

A wireless charger is a wireless charger, right? Wrong. Here’s a little explanation of how the Air Dock differs from the rest.  Most wireless chargers are simply mats, which makes... Read more +

What is the Air Dock?

We live in a wireless world. From wireless phones to wireless headphones to wireless charging docks, everything is wireless. The Air Dock is the latest wireless charging dock — able... Read more +

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