Greg Fackrell's cell phone came with a dock. He used it every time he drove, and he appreciated the convenience. When he upgraded to a Nexus 5, he couldn't find a compatible dock. He decided to design and build his own. At first, he purchased a few wireless chargers and car mounts and cobbled together something that would work. He wasn't satisfied — he kept refining.


Greg went through countless designs and dozens of protoypes. He wanted his dock to be simple, clean, and full-featured. Most importantly, he wanted to be able to take advantage of his Nexus 5's wireless charging capability.


Eventually, Greg had a design that made him happy. He was so happy, in fact, that he wanted to share his happiness with others — many others. Of course, he'd need a little startup capital. A crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo was the solution. It raised over $140,000, and Air Dock was born.


The Air Dock makes your mobile experience even more mobile.