The Air Dock Difference

A wireless charger is a wireless charger, right? Wrong. Heres a little explanation of how the Air Dock differs from the rest. 

Most wireless chargers are simply mats, which makes it convenient to just lay your phone down and leave it to charge. But, say youre sitting at your desk and you need to use your phone while its charging? As soon as you lift it off the mat, it quits charging your phone. Heres where the Air Dock can come in to save the day; the Air Dock has different mounts to choose from, each mount using the same micro-suction foam and magnets to hold your phone securely upright in such a way that you can see and use your phone even while its wirelessly charging.

If this werent enough, the Air Dock is portable, too. Not only does it securely hold your phone, but it has a suction mount bottom that can be locked in place on any surface walls, desks, car consoles, dash boards, windshields, or anywhere else you can imagine. This means you can wirelessly charge your phone in the car, and if you need to use your phones GPS, you can do so safely without having to look down at your phone at all. 

Another bonus: the Air Dock will not overheat your phone. Many wireless chargers can overheat your phone which can damage your battery and significantly decrease your battery life. You will not have this problem with the Air Dock. Youll just have a convenient place to charge you phone in your home or on the go.