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What is the Air Dock?

The Air Dock is a wireless charging dock for your smartphone. It holds your phone with no clips and no clamps. In order to charge your phone, simply place it on the charger — no cords or cables are necessary.

Will my phone work on the Air Dock?

Most newer smartphones work on the Air Dock. For a list of compatibly phones, please visit our Phone Compatibility page.

What accessories come with my Air Dock?

Each dock comes with one mount, a single USB cigarette lighter power supply, USB power cord, and one magnetic sticker.

What is the magnetic sticker for? Will I have to use it?

In order for your phone to stick to the Air Dock, it needs to be smooth and glossy on the back, or be in a case that is smooth and glossy. If your phone or case isn’t smooth, then you can apply the magnetic sticker to the back of your phone or case, and it will help your phone stay attached to the Air Dock better.

Will the Air Dock leave a sticky residue on the back of my phone?

Nope. The face of the Air Dock hold your phone using suction. Not adhesive.

How does it work?

The Air Dock uses a combination of magnetic pull and micro-suction foam to hold your phone firmly in place. To work on the Air Dock a phone needs to either have a smooth back, or be in a case that has a smooth back.

Can I use a case on my phone with the Air Dock?

Yes. Cases can be used with no problems as long as a few criteria are met. The case must be made of plastic, and be 3mm thick or less. The back of the case needs to be smooth and glossy for the phone to hold properly on the Air Dock. If the case doesn’t have a smooth glossy back, then our magnetic sticker may be used.

My Air Dock doesn't hold my phone firmly anymore. Can it be fixed?

The micro suction foam on the face of the Air Dock will lose some suction power when it gets dirty. If your phone is no longer staying attached well to your dock, you simply need to clean your dock. Wiping the face of the Air Dock with a damp cloth cleans it well. Don’t use soap, or any chemicals on it. Just a cloth damp with water, and let it air dry.

Can I use my stereo's USB port to power my Air Dock?

No. The Air Dock needs more power than a stereo USB port can supply. We supply a 2 amp USB power supply with each Air Dock. Using any USB port other than the one we supply can damage your Air Dock.

Will the Air Dock's magnets damage my phone?

Nope. Smartphone use flash memory which is not affected by magnets. Your phone’s compass may not work quite right while on the Air Dock, but the magnets will not do any damage to the phone.